Tax and Customs

Jiménez Cruz Peña is a prominent player within the Dominican legal market for the handling of all aspects pertaining to foreign trade.

On behalf of our clients, we have negotiated with the General Customs Agency on the application of tariffs, the discussion of norms, and the challenges of official determinations and collection actions.

We have also advised public agencies with respect to the application of international treaties on free trade and the introduction of merchandise into Dominican Republic territory.

In the area of taxes, we have represented clients before the General Agency of Internal Taxes in negotiations for payment agreements on the assessment of taxes and the application of tax sanctions.

In both areas of practice, the challenges in which we have represented clients have covered appeals and recourses before government and administrative agencies and the courts.

Jiménez Cruz Peña served as local counsel for a foreign government in a case before the World Trade Organization against the Dominican government, resulting in a decision favorable to our client.

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